Creating Rustic Invitations

As you might be aware there is a lot of work that goes into creating rustic invitations. Let alone invitations that are intended for a rustic wedding. But achieving the perfect invitation isn’t impossible and getting a unique rustic look doesn’t have to be hard.

I hear to tell you there are many ways to achieve both of these and there are even ways for the less skilled craftswoman to make the most of her talent. This can be done in any number of different ways from creating everything from scratch or by modifying rustic invitations pre-designed for a wedding. No matter how you go about crafting the invites you will be certain that the end result will reflect your skill and patients.

I wanted to look at a few different ways you can design your very own wedding invitations, giving them the rustic touch that you are after.

The Invitations

This part of the process is the most fun. You can really do just about anything you want here. In fact the whole point in creating your own invitations for the country or rustic wedding is about doing it yourself. There are a lot of avenues for you to go down, a lot of ways for you to let your character shine through, and a lot of ways to simply the entire process.

What we are going to look at are ways for you to make the invitations you want.

What this isn’t going to do is show you how to make a specific rustic wedding invitations.

That would be a waste of time to write and it would be a waste of time for you to read for the very reasons that we just looked at. When you want to create an invitation from scratch you need to put the elements into it that are important to you. You can find plenty of tutorials that show you how to make generic cards. Tutorials that say all you need is a little burlap. But when you look at the end results I really hope that you use it as a learning experience and begin crafting your own invitations from what you learned.

When you create rustic invitations for your wedding it is important to follow a couple of steps. I have broken them into a list which will help you understand the steps.

Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas

There are a lot of ideas for you to get inspiration from. But when you are all finished you need to isolate the ideas that work for you. The burlap is only good if you want to do what everyone else is doing.

If you want the true character of a rustic wedding invitation, that is to say one that you do yourself, you don’t want to do what everyone else has already done.

Be creative, make a list of things that are interesting, fun, and most important you.

Once you have a list you can do a number of things to work out just what you want. Here is how.

Boil It Down

You can either list the different rustic aspects you’ve noted down in the previous step on a new piece of paper, or you can just cross them off on the original. For me I will just put a check mark by the ones that appeal to me that way I know what I want to focus on.

Sometimes you might not be certain if you can achieve some of the different things you’ve listed down. When that happens you can always go and look for examples where people have tried the same thing, or something similar. When you have found a couple of examples you can then make a decision if you are capable of doing it or not.

Gather Your Supplies

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to do you can sketch out the invitation. You don’t have to make it pretty. But you should show all of the different elements that you’ve selected and how you intended them to fit together.

If it doesn’t work the way you expected make another sketch of the invitation. Move the different elements around, take some off, or add new ideas to the mix.

When you are finally happy with the look and feel that it fits with your vision of the perfect rustic invitation you need to gather your supplies together.

Since you are going to be making wedding invitations you will probably need a lot of supplies.

Try to calculate to the best of your ability. If you miscalculate don’t worry you will always be able to find a use for them later.

Laying Them Out

No matter if you are making a small set of invitations for a cozy wedding or if you need a lot of them for a mega event the steps are the same.

By laying everything out into different steps, working each piece off as you go, you will not only be efficient but the end result will be much more appealing.

It really depends on what you plan to do for your wedding invitations. When you create a rustic invitation there are a lot of different ways for you to achieve the same results. There are also steps that need to be added or ones that can be skipped.

Generally when you make an invitation you will prepare your base first. This is the card stock.

If you have a simple card that means you will need to cute your paper to size. But if you make really complicated rustic wedding invitations that might mean that you need to composite several sheets of paper together to achieve the same base.

What I always suggest when you create the invitation is to avoid the need to print directly into the base. This can be much better achieved by printing an insert that will be glued to the inside of the card. You can also purchase inserts from a traditional printer that offers rustic options (see the next section for more information on that).

Be mindful of the overall thickness.

Postage is one of the biggest considerations and expenses when it comes to making your own invitations.

I would suggests staying within the size formats that the USPS sets out so your not caught off guard when they want additional postage for your beautiful invitations.

Now that you have a clear idea how to make your invitations and give them the country flare that you’re after let’s look at another method.

This will be appealing if you are uncertain if you can craft your own invitations.

The Other Method

Of course it isn’t the only way you can create gorgeous invitations for your rustic wedding. There are a lot of people that never even consider creating their own wedding invitations. And that is fine. While I prefer to do it myself there are a lot of ways you can take a professionally printed invitation and add your own personal touch to finalize the card.

Since many of the big printers don’t actually go beyond the card print there is a lot of room for you to add to the invitations, adding rustic country elements that push the cards into a more handcrafted direction.

Hand crafted wedding invitations are some of the most amazing style of invite. They have the most unique character and they are also either time consuming to make, or they cost a lot. When you order rustic invitations that fit with the idea you have for your wedding you save yourself a little bit of both.

I am aware of a couple of good source that you can use to find invitations for this purpose. While it might seem like a short cut, and it is, the fact that you don’t create absolutely everything yourself is an acceptable alternative when it comes to planning your wedding.

  • Minted
    This is one of those sites that gives you a number of different options when it comes to finding a variety of nice invitations to use as a base. While they don’t only feature rustic invitations they do have a number of options that might be worth a look.
  • RusticWeddingInvitations
    If you are looking for options that really capture the rustic wedding, this site only offers invitations in that style. They have a number of different categories which give you an overview of the styles. They also have laser cut options which give you an edge when it comes to taking your invitations to the next level.
  • AnnsBridalBargains
    I’ve honestly never used this site, what I did like about them though was that the invitations were competitively priced when you compared them to Minted. One thing that I noticed immediately though was that the overall designs were a little simpler, a little more dated than either of the other two sites. But due to the cheap price for a card this might be what some of you are looking for.

If you have looked at the sites above you’ve probably found a couple of options that appeal to you. All three sites offer a good base for you to work with. And when you add your own creative touch to the base card you can make it look like you almost crafted everything by hand.

To give you an idea of what they look like in contrast to a nice rustic feeling wedding invitation I have found one that even knocked my socks off.

Do you want proof?

The Proof

When you come to an idea for an invitation it is important to have a clear idea what you want to achieve. This is important now matter if you are making a rustic invitation for a country wedding or a birthday card. Having a clear idea in mind helps you prepare, it allows you to dream big, and it gives you the chance to actually achieve this. The end result will depend on how well you can juggle all three to come to a satisfy conclusion.

Does this sound like a lot to ask? Does this give you a cold shudder down your spine?

One of the most involved wedding invitations I have ever seen came from a user who documented the entire process. You can tell from the very first image that you will see that the idea was very clear, the end result was in focused, and as the video progresses you are certain every step of the process was planned ahead of time.

I really like the fun quirky moments leading up to the end where everything comes together.

Let’s watch the video and then we will look more at why having everything prepared ahead of time is absolutely critical for creating a unique rustic wedding invitation.

The video of Christina & Mark’s wedding invitations being created is definitely worth the two and a half minutes it takes for the time lapse to finish. Had it been longer it would have been an incredible resource for people uncertain how approach creating wedding invitations.

As it stands if you are able to find your way around your craft room the video of Christina shaping the invitations, nudging them into shape, and being utterly cool about it should inspire you to try it yourself. Or at the very least encourage you to take your own creation to the next level.

The sensation of creating your own invitations, knowing that your hands were responsible for creating the different pieces that comes together into one amazing work is one that never gets old.

No matter if you design your wedding invitations from scratch, or you use rustic invitations as a base and modify them to offer a unique personal touch you will glad that you were the one responsible for their creation.

Enlisting Help

Are you uncertain that you can handle the task that lays before you?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. And being able to admit that you can’t do everything is the first step in enlisting help.

When I am not certain that I can get everything done in time I find that asking for help is the best way to actually get it. When you stop and think about it it even makes sense. When you ask friends or family for help you will be surprised how quick they will say yes. While it might seem like they will feel put upon that couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe people secretly wish they could help, giving them chance to do just that is something that can be rewarding for everyone involved.

As I sat there, at first shocked when I was asked about the prospect of designing and crafting close to two hundred rustic invitations for a friends wedding the thought of tackling such a big task felt intimidating. This was for somebody that had plenty of experience crafting paper, the offer of a few sets of helping hands was none the less appreciated.

So if you are feeling the squeeze when it comes time to craft your rustic country invitations don’t panic, organizing a wedding takes a lot of people and there will always be those secretly hoping that you will offer to let them help.

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